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With summer around the corner there will be plenty of last-minute pool installation requests to capitalise on the warm weather and add an extra element to outdoor entertaining. 


Pool installations can be tricky as they require products that will withstand large amounts of pressure and chemical interference, as well and standing up to the elements and constant water submersion. With all these factors at play it’s important to make sure that your pool is built with quality products so that the results last for decades to come.

RLA product systems (including our pool system), are backed by a 10-year warranty when used to specification. That means peace of mind for you knowing that if you use our products to specification for your pool installation, you will be supported by us, and it also makes it easy for you to choose the correct products that work together.

Here’s how to use our products to get the best result with your pool install:


1. Priming

Priming your substrate is the first step to ensuring your pool installation is going to stand the test of time. RLA’s Moisture seal is a Is a high-performance two-part water-based epoxy waterproofing system designed as a water and vapour proof coating under water proofing systems, and tiles. It has been specially designed for floor and wall applications where

durability, water, and chemical resistance are required.


2. Cementitious membrane

This waterproof layer is essential to prevent water leaks and damage. RLA 1Kompönent is a flexible fibre reinforced waterproof membrane. It has been formulated with a cementitious base incorporating graded aggregates and polymers. This has produced a highly flexible waterproof membrane which is capable of withstanding significant flexural strain. This high level of flexibility makes it perfect for pool installation so that earth movements do not affect the product and result.


3. Adhesive

Once you’ve chosen your wall and floor tiles, you want to place them down with a product that provides superior adhesion. RLA Unigrip Tile Adhesive is a premium grade polymer modified, highly flexible, white cement-based C2S2ET tile adhesive. It is designed for bonding all types of ceramic, stone, and mosaic tiles onto a variety of substrates.


4. Grout

As mentioned earlier chemical interference can occur when installing a pool due to all the different elements. RLA epoxy grout is an excellent choice here due to its superior chemical resistance. Epoxy Grout comes in a two-part formulation and is an anti-acid epoxy mortar. Once mixed the two parts form a mixture that is suitable for vertical non-slip application. Once hardened, the product is high performing in term of mechanical and chemical resistance.

pool system installation


Here are the products featured in this article that will assist you in your next pool project:


RLA Moisture Seal


1Kompönent Fibre Reinforced Waterproof Membrane



Unigrip Tile Adhesive


Epoxy Grout 


For further information on our products or for more detailed specification information please get in touch via phone or email, or send us a request via our contact us page.