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Whether you aim to establish a secure and health-conscious environment for a client family, showcase expertise in design, facilities management, or procurement leadership, or fulfill the requirements of a Green Star® rating tool, Global GreenTagCertTM stands as your comprehensive solution. As the exclusive third-party certification acknowledged by major green building, interiors, operations, and infrastructure rating tools, and the sole certifier encompassing all documentation needs, complemented by our ACCC Approval and Certification Mark status, GreenTag holds a distinctive position in the industry.

It furnishes the necessary proof for diverse aspects such as current rating tools, green design, procurement, facilities management projects, and specifier requirements. Internationally recognized for its certifications in building, interiors, room amenity, and various consumables, including cleaning, hygiene, and amenities products, GreenTag serves as a trusted authority in the field.


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About RLA

Leading the way in Australian manufacturing

RLA Polymers provide Australian manufactured products, for the Australian construction, building and trade industries. We provide tailor made solutions to get your project complete efficiently and on time.

RLA manufacture Australia wide, with plants in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia.

With heavy investment in research and development, RLA provide the Australian marketplace with leading technology, not limited to, but including:

Cementitious / Water Based / Polyurethane / Solvent / Hot melt / MS / Hybrid / Epoxy / Organic and Inorganic technologies.

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