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Leading the way in Australian manufacturing

RLA Polymers provide Australian manufactured products, for the Australian construction, building and trade industries. We provide tailor made solutions to get your project complete efficiently and on time.

RLA manufacture Australia wide, with plants in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia.

With heavy investment in research and development, RLA provide the Australian marketplace with leading technology, not limited to, but including:

Cementitious / Water Based / Polyurethane / Solvent / Hot melt / MS / Hybrid / Epoxy / Organic and Inorganic technologies.

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In this video we go through the topic of Silica dust, in particular Respirable Silica Dust. We will explore the risk, precautions you should take, and protective equipment you should be using to keep yourself safe.

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In this video we go through the importance of why paints should be removed before tiling, and the various tiling errors that could occur when leaving a painted surface as is, instead of removing it.

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Tiling over existing tiles is a very common practice – especially in renovation settings. Learn abut how to prepare the surface for new tiles, to ensure a perfect finish that stands the test of time.

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