Moisture Seal Epoxy Waterproofing System

RLA Moisture Seal is a high-performance 2-part water-based epoxy waterproofing system designed as a water and vapour-proof coating under waterproofing systems, coatings, tiles, resilient and timber flooring. It is intended for floor and wall applications requiring durability, water and chemical resistance.

• Primer for damp Surfaces.
• Prevention of rising damp and formation of
• Waterproofing system, particularly in areas where
hydrostatic pressure is an issue.
• Sealing concrete slabs before vinyl and timber
• Primer of Scyon sheeting.
• Primer for acrylic and polyurethane waterproofing
• Primer for RLA tile adhesives.
• Dust sealing for interior concrete floors.
• Retaining Walls.
• Planter boxes.
• Concrete Tanks.
• Lift Wells.
• Basements.
• Reservoirs, Aqueducts
• Underground Carparks.
• As a Basecoat coating in areas requiring seamless
epoxy flooring.
• Moisture barrier for hydrostatic pressure resistant,
waterproof membrane

✔ Australian made
✔ Low VOC
✔ Convenient mixing ratio 1:1
✔ Withstands a head of Water Pressure up to 25 metres or
up to 250Kpa of hydrostatic pressure.
✔ Complies with AS 4020:2005 “Products in contact with
drinking water”.
✔ Complies with ASTM E96 Water vapour transmission.
✔ Water-based and user-friendly.
✔ Potable Water Approval.
✔ Can be applied to green/fresh concrete.
✔ Water clean-up.