1Kompönent Fibre Reinforced Waterproof Membrane

1KOMPÖNENT is one component, a flexible fibre-reinforced waterproof membrane. A specially formulated cementitious base incorporating graded aggregates and polymers produces a highly flexible waterproof membrane capable of withstanding significant flexural strain. It is suitable for 5 bar positive and 1.5 negative bar pressure.

• A highly flexible waterproofing membrane for under
tiles in internal wet areas, including bathrooms,
showers, laundry, kitchen, and toilet areas, when
installed to AS/NZ 3740
• A highly flexible waterproofing membrane for
applications such as planter boxes and retaining walls.
• A highly flexible waterproofing membrane for under
tiles or other wearing systems, including rooftops,
external balconies, and podium levels – when installed
to AS/NZ 4654.2
• Waterproof protection of concrete shelves
• Suitable for use in concrete swimming pools
• In situations subject to 5 bar positive and 1.5 bar
negative hydrostatic pressure
• For use over cement-rendered masonry, FC sheeting,
concrete, water-resistant plasterboard, and structural

• Easy to apply by brush/roller or spray.
• Can be applied on damp surfaces.
• High adhesion strength.
• Versatile mixing ratio.
• Good crack bridging.
• Suitable for light foot traffic.
• RLA 1KOMPÖNENT is a CLASS ONE wet area
membrane as per AS/NZS 4858:2004 &
AS 4654.1-2012