RLA Epoxy Grout

Two-part anti-acid epoxy mortar. Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, selected fine-grain inert aggregates, pigments and specific organic additives. Part B consists of an innovative organic catalyst. Once mixed together, the two parts form a creamy mixture with excellent smoothness, which is also suitable for vertical no-slip application. Once hardened, the product is high-performing in term of mechanical and chemical resistance. The product has been expressly formulated to meet the requirements of Part 5 of the IMO FTP Code 2010 as “finishing material for bulkheads and ceilings” for the naval sector.




  • Reactive grout formulated with specific raw materials with limited flame-propagation properties, which gives the product exceptional ease of application.
  • Depending on the grain texture of the aggregates, it is possible to obtain a particularly smooth and compact grout with a high aesthetic impact and minimum staining.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor floor and wall applications, even in harsh operating conditions.
  • RLA Epoxy Grout has high resistance to mechanical stress and chemical substances with no water absorption.
  • RLA Epoxy Grout has ultra-low emission of volatile organic compounds.
  • RLA Epoxy Grout is not subject to restrictions for road, sea, air and rail transport.