Industrial Solutions

Our woodworking adhesives provide a wide range of solutions for every customer’s needs. The range covers high strength woodworking PVA’s, self cross linking D3 certified adhesives, D4 adhesives for finger jointing, hot melts for edge banding and profile wrapping and PUR hot melts for laminating and lumber applications.

The RLA range of CRYSTALMELT hot melts provide solutions for all of your packaging needs. Our high performance Metallocene and EVA technologies will have the most demanding packaging lines running at optimum speeds and trouble free. Whether your need is for high heat resistance on hot fill lines, or deep freeze performance for frozen goods, our products will always perform.

The CRYSTALBOND range of water based adhesives cover every need for the paper converting market. Our products are precisely formulated to provide the exact requirements of the most demanding machine applications. With the ability to formulate products with high tack, low tack, rapid set, slow set, short open times, long open times, lay flat, high adhesion, low adhesion you have an endless combination of properties to choose from.

We offer a very range of products under the GRAPHICBOND brand. From fast setting hot melts for bookbinding, high performance adhesives for use in the Press Room, and high gloss solutions for your over print laminating needs, RLA has an answer to all of your adhesive questions.

Our CRYSTALMELT hot melts and CRYSTALBOND water based adhesives have your labelling needs wrapped up. Our high performance systems approach ensures we can offer the best products, whether they be our water based synthetic technologies or our high end hot melt adhesives.

With the backing of Nan Pao’s global resources, RLA can offer an extensive range of products into this diverse field. Our products are used in Panel Assembly, Filter Manufacture, Bedding and much more.

Our CRYSTALMELT range of high performance hot melt pressure sensitives offer solutions across each and every application for tapes and labels. For Medial Tapes, Double Sided tapes, Foam tapes and Fastening tapes, we have all area covered. To compliment this, we offer an extensive range of solvent based and water based adhesives for this area. Our hot melt label adhesives provide a full spectrum of permanent pressure sensitives for Tyres, Wet Applied labels, Clear on Clear labels and Food Contact labels with FDA certification. The semi-permanent range of pressure sensitives offer use for Repositionable labels.

Nan Pao have an extensive range of leading edge technology to service this highly technical market. The CAREPOWTM range offers construction, positioning and elastic attachment adhesives to meet the most demanding requirements.

The Nan Pao group have extensive technology covering applications within the Textiles industry. Adhesives for Fabric Lamination, Fabric Stabilisation, Fabric to Foam Bonding, Flocking, Fabric Sizing, and for Sports and leisure clothing.

As the market leader in adhesives for footwear, Nan Pao have every adhesive for this market well and truly covered. The support and coverage for this market not only encompasses the product range, but starts and finishes with excellence in customer and after sales service.