Tiling trends for the upcoming year are all about taking things to the next level. From bold colours, to statement marbles, these are the tiling trends for the coming year. 


The new year is around the corner and with it come new trends and the gradual rise of trends we have seen emerging throughout the past year. The tiling industry is broad as there are many areas to experiment with, from bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor spaces such as balconies or pool areas, each offering room for design experimentation and aesthetic impact. Here are 6 tiling trends that you will be seeing everywhere in 2023.


More Marble

Marble never goes out of style and this upcoming year will be no exception. The 2023 take on marble will be bolder than previous years. In contrast to the simple grey and white marble that we are used to seeing everywhere, rich looking designs in unexpected colours and veining patterns will be the focus. Another element of this trend is the statement nature of it, think large format tiling on bathroom floors or a statement backsplash in the kitchen. Without having to do much else to a room, having feature marble can transform a room to exude luxury.


Eclecticism and individualism

This trend is rooted in a backlash against the minimalist designs we have seen as the mainstay of architecture in the past. Instead of opting for plain coloured tiling in predictable layouts, there has been a rise in choosing to experiment outside the box. Rather than of choosing to have one style of tile for a particular space, mixing colours and tile textures creates a memorable space that can be tailored to the individual. This works especially well in small spaces where contrast can make a huge impact. In addition to differently shaped or coloured tiles, another element to this trend is tiling in different orientations. This brings interest to a room while keeping the design harmonious.


European Inspired

Now that travelling is back more and more inspiration is going to be drawn from overseas adventures. Coming into 2023 and throughout the year expect to see tiling having a more European influence. Traditionally European design is colourful, bold, and textural. Bringing the vacation vibes to everyday spaces we will be seeing an abundance of materials such as terracotta, travertine, and marble. Patterned tiles can also be used to achieve visual interest whether they are used across a whole wall or as a small feature.


Health and Wellness Focus

Slowing down our lives is not a new concept at this point, and the trend for having soothing spaces that invoke a feeling of calm will continue into 2023. Using textures and tones found in nature rule this trend. In terms of colours, earthy browns and creams, olive and sage greens, as well as shades of seaside inspired blues are all great choices. Keeping things rustic also works well and the unfinished or textural nature of the tile can really be allowed to shine to create a feeling of being closer to nature. Timber look tiles are something to keep in mind with this trend as oftentimes this is a more practical solution than using real timber, yet still adds the look of warmth and comfort that can be lacking in regular tiles.


Curves and rounded shapes

Curved edges have become a staple of design recently with more and more people choosing soft edges in furnishings over harsh lines. The favour for rounded shapes is being carried over into tiling and ties in with the focus on wellness, as curved edges offer a more harmonious looking shape in comparison to sharp horizontal edges. Great examples here are scallop tiles or feather tiles which are striking even in white because of their unique shape – or can be elevated to the next level when choosing a coloured version.


Beige exterior tiles

Cream, beige, and terracotta colours used to be commonly seen in outdoor paving however recently they have been replaced with predominantly grey tones. However beige and other warmer colours are having a comeback when it comes to exterior tiling. The lighter colour brightens up a space, as well as helping to make the area look larger and more inviting thanks to the warmth the colour brings.

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