Tile & Stone Silicone

RLA TILE AND STONE SILICONE is an anti-fungal, non-diluted, high performance, UV resistant neutral cure silicone sealant. Designed for sealing joints or seams in ceramics, plaster, metal and timber [natural or painted] in wet areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, toilets and wherever fungal growth might occur.


  • Perimeter sealing of baths, basins, shower basins, spas and sinks.
  • Ceramic and other tiles note – natural stones must be pre tested to ensure the product does not stain.
  • Window frames.
  • Exhaust fans.
  • Metal fixtures including shower frames.



  • Will not support the growth of mould, mildew or fungus.
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Permanently flexible
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Unaffected by extreme temperature – hot or cold
  • Waterproof