StoneSet Moisture Sensitive Stone Tile Adhesive

RLA Stone Set is a premium grade rapid setting, polymer modified, white cement based tile adhesive. Ideal for use in situations where the adhesive must dry quickly or when grouting must be completed shortly after fixing of tiles. Stone Set is suitable for tiling in situations where residual moisture can cause affects like water staining, discolouration and efflorescence in
some natural stone tiles Class (A).

RLA Stone Set is suitable for domestic and commercial applications,  for use over 24-hour green sand/cement screed. Stone Set is non-slump and is ideal for large format tiles and is designed for bonding porcelain, ceramic, stone eg natural stones, terrazzo and mosaic tiles. RLA Stone Set can be applied onto a variety of substrates like concrete, render, rendered brickwork; block work, Gyprock, and fibre cement surfaces. It can be used internally or externally on wall and floor surfaces and be used for fixing both high and low porosity tiles.

RLA Stone Set can be used for fixing tiles over most waterproofing membranes, is suitable in immersed situations like swimming pools, spas etc. and can be used for fixing low to medium dimentially sensitive tiles stone that is classified as Class A.

RLA Stone Set is is a C2S1FTE adhesive.