PrimerPU Solvent Based Primer

RLA PRIMER PU is a solvent-based primer with a transparent appearance, specifically designed for use with the RLA Flex-Pro polyurethane sealant range, and RLA PU 850 liquid waterproof membrane to ensure
adhesion to porous substrates. Especially with water-immersed applications.

• Concrete
• Render
• Brickwork
• Brick
• Lightweight Blocks
• Unglazed ceramic tiles.

✔ Easy application
✔ Promotes high bond strength of polyurethane
sealants RLA PU 850 waterproofing membrane
✔ Perfect adhesion to minerals and concrete surfaces.
✔ Transparent, clear appearance
✔ High resistance to all weather conditions
✔ Decreases the water absorption of the concrete.
✔ One part-no mixing required (ready to use)
✔ Water resistance.
✔ Corrosion resistance