Quick Set Additive

RLA QuickSet is a Calcium Chloride based liquid additive designed to make any cement-based product set and develop initial strength quickly.

• RLA QuickSet is especially recommended for use with
RLA cement-based adhesives.
• RLA QuickSet is recommended for use where a fastsetting result is required, such as doorways, stairs,
access ramps and repair jobs, shopping centres etc.
• RLA QuickSet will accelerate the curing of any product
based on Portland Cement.
• Quick Set is most effective in cold temperatures (5 to
15 degrees C).
• RLA QuickSet will work differently depending on the
nature of the product, and the actual performance can
only be established by trialling.
• RLA QuickSet can be used in cement-based tile
adhesives, grouts, screed, render or any product based
on Portland Cement.