WA Wet Area Silicone

RLA Wet Area Silicone is an anti-fungal, non-diluted, high performance, UV resistant, neutral-cure, silicone sealant. It is specially formulated to seal joints or seams in ceramics, plaster, metal and timber (natural or painted) in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, toilets or wherever fungal growth might occur.


AREAS OF APPLICATION: Perimeter sealing of baths, basins, shower basins, spas and sinks, Ceramic and other tiles, Window frames, Exhaust fans, Metal fixtures including shower frames.

• Manufactured to the highest Australian Standards and Quality Assurance so the RLA WA comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.
• AS/NZS 4020 approved, which means it is suitable for use in contact with drinking water.
• 100% Silicone so it does not shrink when curing and customers do not pay for solvents or fillers.
• Excellent adhesion properties so it adheres to most surfaces, included painted surfaces, and the job only needs to be done once.
• Neutral (Non-Acetic) Cure is non-corrosive and so does not react with metals and other surfaces.
• Permanently flexible so it resists cracking, shrinking and vibration.
• Suitable for interior and exterior applications so the product is very versatile.
• Unaffected by extreme temperature (hot or cold) so suited to any environment.
• Waterproof so it provides a flexible watertight seal.
• Low VOC which means low vapour, low odour and a safer work environment for the plumber or trades person.
• UV resistant so it is not affected significantly by sunlight, making it more durable.
• Proven product performance in millions of applications around Australia and overseas.