Trulevel SL Self Leveling Compound

TruLevel SL is rapid drying self levelling compound with excellent flow properties formulated for self- levelling differences from 1 to 30 mm in thickness on new or existing internal concrete substrates. It develops a smooth and even surface with high levels of mechanical resistance, ensuring the subsequent installation of floor coverings.


Once dry suitable for the application of vinyls, carpets, linoleum, floating floors and tile floor finishes. It is ready to accept
most floor coverings after approximately 12 hours and allows for quick and reliable installation.
TruLevel SL is pumpable and for internal applications and suitable for underfloor and heating systems.



  • Excellent Flow
  • Thickness 1mm – 30mm
  • Rapid Drying
  • Floor Coverings 12 hours after application
  • Pump application


TruLevel SL Technical Data Sheet download


Tru Level SL Safety Data Sheet Download

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