Roberts Flexi Self Leveller

Roberts FLEXI is rapid drying self levelling compound with excellent flow properties formulated for levelling differences from 1 to 15 mm in thickness on new or existing internal Concrete and Timber substrates. It develops a smooth and even surface with high levels of mechanical resistance, ensuring the subsequent installation of floor coverings.



• Enhanced Flexibility

• Thickness 1mm to 15mm

• Fibre Reinforced

• Ideal for Installing Timber Flooring

• Pump application

• Ideal for use over Timber Substrates

•Simple mix with water.


The material properties of Roberts FLEXI is classified as CT-C20-F7 according to EN 13813


It is ready to accept most floor coverings after approximately 12 hours and allows for quick and reliable installation. Installations of Timber floorcoverings can take place 24 hours after application. Once dry it is suitable for the application of vinyls, timber flooring, carpets, linoleum, and tile floor finishes. Roberts Flexi is suitable where good resistance to loads is required, also for wheelchair traffic and underfloor heating systems. When installing Timber Flooring over a concrete substrate, the levelling coat of Roberts Flexi must be no less than 3mm.