Plumma’s Large Diameter Type G

PLUMMA’S LARGE DIAMETER is a specially formulated
resin-based Type G adhesive for bonding large diameter/
bore PVC-U pipes with parallel/ no or low interference fit
joints. Large Diameter is suitable for pressure or nonpressure PVC-U pipes. It provides high bond strength and
the ability to fill small gaps. Bonds are waterproof if the
jointing instructions in AS/NZS 2032 are followed

• Manufactured to highest quality standards and Quality
• Comes with a 10 Year manufacturers warranty
• Conforms to AS/NZS 3879 – Solvent cements and
priming fluids
• Watermark and ISO 9001 accredited
• All packaging is dangerous goods approved for safe
transportation and storage
• Tightly engineered caps to minimize risk of leaks
• Available in a range of sizes
• All containers are supplied with a natural bristle brush
applicator cap to ensure easy application.
• Proven product performance over several decades and
millions of applications around Australia and overseas