Firepro FR Fire Resistant Sealant

Firepro FR is an acoustic & intumescent sealant which expands on exposure to heat to form a fire-resistant seal, preventing the spread of fire throughout a building. It is used to seal around & between most types of building materials to “compartmentalize” a fire within sections of a structure. Firepro FR will expand to form an intumescent “plug” which prevents fire/heat/smoke from passing through joints, slowing a fire’s spread to allow sufficient time for people to exit the building. Firepro FR meets AS1530.4-1999 standard, providing a fire ratings up to 4 hours.

Firepro FR is your reliable choice in acoustic & fire rated sealing of joints and service penetrations in internal & external floors & walls

• Suitable for interior/exterior use for greater versatility on site
• Fast skin formation for better rain resistance and less rework
• More flexible than Firecaulk
• Excellent non-slump, tooling and finish for more effective sealing
• Comprehensive fire manual and AS1530.4 certification
• Green Building compliant and acoustically rated
• Faster setting so less chance of damage on site
• Superior flexibility eliminates cracking
• Non-sag formulation prevents slump and “bubbling”
• Firepro FR is very resistant to UV light, more so than polyurethane products.