Trulevel EconoScreed Rapid

RLA TRULEVEL ECONOSCREED RAPID is a premium-grade polymer-enhanced cementitious compound designed for high-performance screeding and rendering applications in critical areas. The unique polymer formulation allows. RLA TRULEVEL ECONOSCREED RAPID maintains high strength at low builds, with excellent water resistance. RLA TRULEVEL ECONOSCREED RAPID is ideal for use in areas subject to continuous moisture and reduces the risk of efflorescence associated with traditional sand/cement screed blends. Conveniently available in premixed bags. RLA TRULEVEL ECONOSCREED RAPID provides enhanced workability and superior finishes for new and remedial applications.
• Easy, fast application
• Rapid hardening and drying
• Can be applied directly onto prepared concrete
• Eliminates the need for sand and cement screeds •
Dimensionally stable- will not crack
• Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates
• Pre-blended, one-pack product eliminating on-site
batching and ensures consistency of mixed product
• Australian Made
• Rapid repair of internal and external subfloors and
concrete stairs and ramps
• Reduces downtime. Waterproofing compounds and
most floor coverings can be applied on the same day.

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