Trulevel Fine Finish Underlayment Compound

Smooth Finishing Cement Based Underlayment Compound.
Tru Level Fine Finish is polymer cement based smoothing compound used to provide a smooth finish to a variety of internal surfaces prior to the application of floor coverings such as vinyl, ceramic tiles; carpet and marble tiles.  When mixed with water the resultant mix is a smooth, creamy consistency which allows for easy application. Tru Level Fine Finish is a permanent finish that has extremely high bond strength to a variety of substrates such as timber, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, concrete, block work, cement sheeting and terrazzo.

•    Smooth, fine skim coat over rough concrete
•    Filling minor gouges, void holes, ridges and cracks in concrete
•    Smooth out imperfections on surfaces such as timber, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and quarry tiles
•    Embossing filler over vinyl, sheets and tiles
•    Skim coat over tiles prior to application of floor covering such as vinyl
•    Skim coat over difficult to remove adhesive that has bonded well to the substrate
•    Permanent finish over substrate
•    Eliminates flooring installation issues associated with delamination of weak frail surfaces


•    Rapid drying allows for floor covering to be installed after 15 minutes
•    High bond and adhesion strength to wood, concrete, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and quarry tiles without priming
•    No priming required, simply mix and apply
•    Accepts floor coverings in 15 minutes
•    Compatible with a majority of floor adhesives
•    Can be feather edged down to extremely fine repairs due to nature of fine fillers used
•    High coverage rate achievable
•    Economical
•    One component- simply add water and mix
•    Multi-purpose applications
•    Australian Made

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