Curecon W, Type 1D, Class B Curing Compound

Curecon W is a Type 1D, Class B, water based resin curing compound, used to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. Used for all concrete but specifically designed for use in mass concrete structures such as road work, bridgework and runways. Curecon W contains sufficient solids for compliance with NSW RTA specifications.



  • Non-flammable/ non dangerous goods classification
  • Non toxic
  • Tack free when dry
  • Rapid film formation
  • Volatile ingredients comply with air pollution requirements of photo-reactive compounds
  • Meets Green Star rating
  • Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by eliminating moisture loss from exposed surfaces.
  • Eliminates the need for damp hessian, sand or polythene
  • Increases concrete strength and dusting resistance