Project Profile: Melbourne Childcare Centre


Arguably the most important part of a childcare facility (especially to the kids!) is the play space. Having an attractive, safe, and functional area for children to play and interact will keep them happy and wanting to return. When considering an outdoor area for children, grass can be difficult to maintain with constant lawnmowing, patchy texture due to overuse, and allergens coming into play. This Melbourne childcare centre was looking to upgrade their outdoor play space and chose to install new durable synturf product to the outdoor area of the space instead of traditional grass – resulting in a low maintenance, drought resistant and aesthetically pleasing garden.



The contractor in charge of this renovation chose to use our Australian made RL6000 synthetic grass adhesive for the project. RL6000 is a great solution when you’re looking to lay down synthetic turf due to its specific formulation which makes it a superior all-weather outdoor adhesive – so it was an obvious choice when laying down new turf here at the childcare facility.



The outdoor installation of non-stretch open weave polypropylene-backed synthetic grass carpets (for example the synturf used in this project) requires a specific adhesive, and RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive is the perfect solution. RL6000 synthetic grass adhesive has numerous benefits, and a proven track record of successful installations in various weather conditions and outdoor elements. It provides an incredibly strong bond that quickly develops high strength, ensuring the synthetic grass surface remains firmlyattached to the substrate below – meaning no interruptions to outdoor play! Additionally, it can withstand nearly any weather condition, making it the perfect choice for maintaining a secure play surface that won’t become bumpy or unstable due to extreme heat, cold or rain conditions, all of which Melbourne can experience frequently.



The latex backing for the synturf used here was also supplied by RLA, and the final product is manufactured locally in Reservoir Victoria. Synturf have been using RL6000 regularly for their synthetic grass installations due their superior adhesion, ease of use and supply and reliability of the product.


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RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive

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