Synthetic Grass

Green all year round, low maintenance, and drought proof – there’s lots to love about synthetic grass. 


There are many reasons why synthetic grass is a popular choice for backyards, especially within a country that goes through regular periods of drought, water conservation is something that should always be taken into consideration and the appeal of having a low maintenance green all year round lawn is very appealing. Here’s some of the reasons you may want to consider going synthetic with your lawn.


No maintenance

It can be easy to discount the chore of having to mow the lawn every week or so. This can be especially true during winter when its cold and raining and the last thing you want to do is venture outside with a lawnmower! Even if this is something that you outsource it still becomes a cost saving venture to install synthetic grass instead of paying for a lawnmowing service regularly.


No light, no problem

It can be tricky sometimes to grow grass in areas that don’t receive much sunlight. Say you have a small yard that is shaded by a tree, neighbouring homes, or an overhanging balcony or patio, synthetic grass works beautifully in these areas and gives the look and feel of grass in areas that may not have been able to have it before.


No staining

Sometimes grass can cause stains that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. In conditions where it has been raining the mud can also be an issue for clothes and shoes. With synthetic grass you never have to worry about children playing and sliding across the floor as there won’t be any colour transfer or staining to deal with afterwards. Another advantage if you have pets is no muddy footprints being tracked into the house.



Natural grass can start to wear away or become sparse if used heavily in particular areas or if there is continuous damage to one spot, for example a dog digging. Once it starts to become patchy it can be extremely difficult to bring the area back to life and looking it’s best again. Synthetic grass is extremely durable and hardwearing and can candle wear and tear much more so than natural grass.


Low allergen

It’s easy to become itchy when there is grass around. Hay fever can also be lessened with synthetic grass as there are less weeds and dust associated with synthetic grass. Additionally, no chemicals are needed to maintain synthetic grass, so the surface remains allergen and chemical free making it a safe space for the family to enjoy.


Other Considerations

There are many advantages to synthetic grass but there are also other points to consider when comparing to natural grass. Synthetic grass can become quite hot when exposed to strong amounts of sun, so if this is something that you think your backyard may be exposed so or could become an issue for you, have a look for synthetic grass that includes a cooling effect. In the past synthetic grass did look obviously fake, however now there are so many options that this not be the case. For those wanting the most natural finish have a look for grass that contains a mixture of green, olive, and brown tones, as well as a slight variation in texture throughout.


If you’re looking for the perfect adhesive for your new synthetic grass area, look no further than our RL600 Synthetic Grass Adhesive. It is specifically formulated for the outdoor installation of non-stretch open weave polypropylene-backed synthetic grass carpets, and will bond securely to cured concrete, asphalt, exterior grade wood and other clean paved surfaces.



RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive


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