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RLA recently supplied one of our adhesives to a Brisbane school who was looking to complete a renovation to their outdoor areas for students to enjoy. The school wanted to upgrade their outdoor area with synthetic grass to create a more attractive area for the students to use, while also maintaining a low-maintenance space. As well as the synthetic grass installation other landscaping items were added to the space including retaining walls and additional drainage to make sure the space would be flood free.


The synthetic grass area called for an exterior all-weather adhesive that could withstand moisture, strong heat, and had proven success in similar applications. It was also extremely important that the adhesive could withstand heavy repeated use so that it would maintain its grip on the synthetic grass surface over a long period of time. Prior to the installation of the synthetic turf, a new concrete slab was poured down to ensure a smooth and even surface. The contractor in charge of the renovations had used RL6000 before in comparable situations and chose this adhesive knowing that it was a dependable solution for the task, especially on concrete substrates.



RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive is a high-performance adhesive specifically designed for bonding synthetic grass to a variety of substrates, including concrete, as was the case in this project. The adhesive develops high strength quickly and when cured, will withstand unfavourable weather conditions, which makes it perfect for use in outdoor areas. It was especially important in this instance that the adhesive could withstand harsh environmental conditions, as the area is uncovered, and the Brisbane weather can bring high humidity and torrential rain.



The use of RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive resulted in a successful upgrade of the school’s outdoor area. The adhesive’s reliability and ease of use made it the perfect choice for the project so the job could be completed quickly, and the students could start to enjoy the area sooner. The contractor’s feedback reinforced that RL6000 is one of the leading synthetic grass adhesives on the market. He had used RL6000 many times previously and commented on its easy application and that it was also easy to clean off tools and other materials when there was an excess of the product or a spill. The contactor was also happy to support Australian made products and was pleased that he was able to obtain the stock quickly and easily.


Overall RL6000 provided a strong bond to the new synthetic grass surface and the school now has a low-maintenance and attractive outdoor space that can be enjoyed by students for years to come.

If you want more information about our synthetic grass adhesive, or any of our other products, please contact us and we can help guide you to choose the best products for your project.

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