The New & Improved Range of Silica Free Products

RLA's range of Respirable Silica Free products are available for a wide range of applications.
Our Process

Make it Safer For Everyone

Our respirable silica free products make it safer for everyone. For yourself and those around you on the job site, and your clients. Ensure that you are maximising safety by using RLA’s RSC Range

Safer For You

With a commitment to being respirable silica-free, our solution ensures that you, as a user, can perform your tasks without the worry of inhaling harmful dust particles.

Safer For Your Work

By minimizing airborne dust, our solution contributes to a safer atmosphere for all workers, reducing the potential for respiratory ailments among peers.

Safer For Your Client

This translates into peace of mind for clients, knowing that their projects are not only meeting occupational health and safety standards but are also positioned to minimize risks and protect their interests.

Respirable Silica Free In Detail
*Silica (Respirable Crystaline Fraction) levels are below the concentration limit for carcinogens (0.1%) as per schedule 6 of the Model Work Health Safety Regulations 2023.

RLA Polymers' range of powder solutions are classified as free from respirable crystalline silica (RCS) hazards*, ensuring that mixing & application poses no threat of exposure to dangerous levels of RCS.


At RLA, we are dedicated to surpassing the hazardous requirements for RCS levels, guaranteeing the safety of our products.


In addition, we recommend the use of a PPE & dust masks due to the cementitious nature of the product. Always adhere to safety directives, in the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and consult the product's Technical Data Sheet (TDS) prior to application.

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Respirable Silica Free
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