This project consisted of the refurbishment of a residential tennis court in Eltham, Northern NSW which underwent a replacement of its surface after the devastating floods that occurred in Lismore in early 2022.

Before the reovation – the court was in need of a new surface.


During the renovation.


The RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive is specifically formulated for the outdoor installation of non-stretch open weave polypropylene-backed synthetic grass carpets and offers several key benefits. Firstly, it is a proven product with a track record of successful installations across many different weather conditions and outdoor elements. Secondly, it offers an extreme bond, which develops high strength quickly, ensuring that the synthetic grass surface remains securely attached to the substrate. Thirdly, it is an all-weather adhesive, ensuring that the tennis court surface will remain secure on the concrete substrate regardless of the weather conditions. Finally, it is an Australian-made product.


The project called for an exterior all-weather adhesive that could withstand moisture and had been proven in similar applications. The solution was to use the RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive. The contractor had used this product on prior similar projects and had tested its durability and it had proven itself to be a reliable solution. The all-weather adhesive will ensure that the court remains functional and usable all year round.


The contactor in charge of the project had the following to say about working with the RLA product: “As a contractor, I was pleased with my recent experience using the RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive on this tennis court renovation. The product once again performed to expectation, which has been set by my previous use of this outdoor adhesive and other RLA products. The RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive provided a very strong bond and was easy to apply and clean off tools which is made it an easy and enjoyable experience to work with. The stock was readily available at RLA, making it a convenient choice for me. I also appreciated that I was able to support Australian made products by using this adhesive. Overall, the use of the RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive was a successful experience for my team and I.”


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RL6000 Synthetic Grass Adhesive


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