Roberts R280 HT Vinyl Plank & Tile Adhesive

ROBERTS R280 HT is an acrylic polymer, high-temperature
hard set adhesive with a short open time and excellent
adhesion. It is fibre–reinforced and highly shear-resistant
with excellent plasticiser migration resistance and nonstaining properties and provides resistance to temperature
variations. It is for interior use only, is protected against
biodegradation, withstands everyday cleaning practices,
and is suitable for under-underfloor heating installations. It
is ideal for bay windows, glass shop fronts, and other areas
exposed to sunlight.

PVC Vinyl Plank and Tile flooring,
Vinyl Composite Tiles
It may also be used to install PVC commercial and
domestic sheet vinyl if required.
Not suitable for Rubber Floorcoverings.

✓ Installer Friendly
✓ High Shear Strength
✓ Green Star Compliant
✓ Building Green Credits
✓ Solvent Free
✓ Low VOC Emission
✓ Anti-microbial Formulation
✓ Low Odour
✓ Australian Made