Roberts 656 Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive

ROBERTS R656 Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive is
a solvent-free pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for
installing PVC backed, fibre backed, cushion back carpet
tiles and reinforced vinyl composition tiles. It is also highly
recommended for installing laminated slab underlays used
in Double-Bond carpet installation.
ROBERTS R656 can be applied to concrete substrates with
moisture contents up to 95% Relative Humidity (moisture
reducing) tested with the In- Situ Probe method and
concrete substrates with pH readings of up to 12.0.

✔ 95% RH Resistant Formulation
✔ Excellent coverage
✔ Installer Friendly
✔ Building Green Credits
✔ Green Star Compliant
✔ Green TAG Certified
✔ Solvent Free
✔ Low VOC Emission
✔ Anti-microbial Formulation
✔ Low Odour
✔ Australian Made