Penatech HES Grout

High Early Strength Class C Cementitious Grout.
Penatech HES Grout is a Class C high quality, free flowing non shrink, high early strength development and high ultimate strength gain cementitious grout.


•    Cementitious grouting where high early strength is required
•    Heavy duty support grout beneath high load machine base plates
•    Precision grouting application
•    Anchoring bolt holes
•    Bridge bearing pads
•    Crane rail plates
•    Pre-cast concrete sections
•    Cavities, gaps and recesses
•    Rapid reinstate of equipment, minimizes downtime
•    Grouting requiring dynamic load bearing and applications subject to continuous vibration


•    High early strength even at low temperatures
•    Dual expansion compensates for shrinkage
•    in the plastic and hardened state
•    High ultimate (28 day) strength
•    Exceptional flow characteristics
•    Rapid strength gain and set times
•    Variable consistency obtainable
•    Equipment and machinery can be reinstated after 2 hours
•    Non-metallic eliminates staining
•    Good impact and thermal resistance
•    Complies with US Corp of Engineers A CRDC-621-82A and ASTM C1107-91 for expansion
•    Pre bagged material overcomes potential on site batching variation
•    Grouting from 10mm – 150mm in a single application
•    Australian made