Penapatch High Build Repair Mortar HB

High Build, Medium Weight, High Strength Polymer modified Structural Repair Mortar Grout.
Penapatch High Build HB is a high strength; high build shrinkage compensated polymer modified repair mortar. Penapatch High Build HB is designed to be used for vertical and overhead applications. Penapatch High Build HB has high, ultimate compressive strength
and high abrasion resistance. The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Penapatch High Build HB provide a mortar with strong adhesion to concrete and masonry on vertical and overhead substrates with negligible shrinkage. Penapatch High Build HB requires the addition of water ONLY.


•    High build repairs for vertical, overhead and horizontal repairs
•    Repairs requiring high compressive strength
•    Repairing damaged concrete panels where structural strength is required
•    Repairs to spalled or deteriorated concrete caused by corrosion of steel reinforcement
•    Repairs requiring low permeability and high resistance to chlorides and carbon dioxide


•     High build repairs achievable in a single application
•     Low permeability providing protection from chloride attack & carbonation
•     Medium strength and medium abrasion resistance
•     Dimensionally stable • Excellent workability
•     Shrinkage compensated allowing for long term dimensional stability
•     Eliminates the need for formwork • Shrinkage compensated
•     Can be applied by dry or wet process, achieving high build with exceptional compaction and enhanced performance
•     May be coated with Aftek range of protective coating
•     Easy to use- simply add water and mix