Luminous Grout

RLA LUMINOUS GROUT is an advanced, rapid setting
ceramic tile grout developed using efflorescence free
technology. Incorporating premium components, the
unique respirable silica free formulation provides
significant performance advantages over conventional
cement based grouts including enhanced shrinkage
reduction, abrasion resistance, colour uniformity, long
term colour fastness and vibrancy. Displaying excellent
workability and an ultra smooth finish, Luminous Grout
ensures high levels of precision and flawless results for
general and demanding applications where enhanced
durability and long term performance is paramount.
Luminous Grout is available in a range of designer
colours, catering for various traditional and contemporary
design styles.

• Efflorescence free technology
• Respirable silica free formulation
• High abrasion resistance
• Excellent colour uniformity
• Extended colour fastness and anti-fading properties
• Shrinkage compensated
• Excellent water resistance and reduced water
• Ultra smooth, silky finish reducing dirt retention and
improved stain resistance
• Suitable for grouting tile joints up to 20mm wide
• Water and mould resistant, improving hygiene and long
term appearance
• Extended open time
• Excellent workability
• Suitable for immersed applications
• Available in a broad range of colours
• Global Green Tag Certified with extremely low VOC


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Note: The coverage provided is intended merely as a guide and may vary depending on the application technique, substrate quality, and on-site conditions. Please check the product datasheet for additional details.