Floorthane Non-Yellowing Polyurethane

Non Yellowing Polyurethane Clear floor Coating
Floorthane is a non-yellowing single pack polyurethane, which cures by reaction with moisture in the air to an extremely tough and durable film. It is suitable for use on interior cork, timber and masonry surfaces where the finished coating provides a chemical resistant, long wearing, floor treatment suitable for use in traffic areas. Floorthane contains a high level of ultraviolet absorber which enables it to protect substrates from discolouration caused by sunlight. It can be used either as the entire finish system or as a protective glaze coat over conventional polyurethane and epoxy flooring systems.


As a floor topping for concrete floor areas such as:
• Warehouses
• Factories
• Food preparation areas
• Clean rooms
• Electronics assembly plants and similar
• Can be used on Concrete, Pre cast concrete, Bricks, Masonry, Cement sheet, Structural plywood and Metal subtrates
• Can be applies over epoxy to eliminate staining


• May be used as supplied as a varnish, or protective glaze-coat for trafficable areas.
• Used over most surfaces including timber and epoxy systems as an abrasion resistance finish, and to prevent yellowing.
• It can be used both interior and exterior situations.
• Internal coloured cork and timber floors subject to direct sunlight through windows and glass doors.
• Internal and external timber surfaces on trailer boats, where regular maintenance is possible.
• Non-yellowing, chemical resistant, clear sealer for concrete and seamless coloured flake flooring systems.