Epilox Epoxy Resin Binder System

Multi-purpose High Performance Epoxy Binder System.
Aftek Epilox Epoxy Binder is a two part solvent free epoxy resin binder system for combining with selected fillers and aggregate to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies. May be used on vertical or horizontal applications as structural epoxy adhesive paste and filler. Epilox Epoxy Binder is also used as a primer for Epilox floor coatings and toppings as well as Epilox mortars.


•    Suitable for use on damp substrates
•    Preparing high strength mortar for repair of damaged concrete or masonry in vertical or horizontal surfaces
•    Grouting starter bars, load bearing bolts and base plate supports in concrete
•    Sealing of cracks in concrete
•    Filling of voids in spalled concrete to restore to original condition with enhanced strength performance
•    As a repair mortar where high chemical and abrasion resistance is enquired
•    Patching large sections where high strengths are required
•    May be used in flowable consistency or trowellable consistency to cater for any repair shape or size
•    Can be used for external applications
•    High adhesive bond strength to concrete
•    Structural bonding new to old concrete
•    Structural repair to spalled concrete
•    As a primer for Epilox floor coatings
•    Addition of Epilox Fillers to produce Epoxy mortars and grouts


•    100% solids epoxy
•    Solvent free
•    Low VOC
•    High tensile and compressive strength
•    Bonds to damp concrete
•    High mechanical strength
•    Excellent adhesion to most substrates
•    Cures at temperature down to 5˚C
•    High chemical resistance
•    Unfilled system
•    Allows for mortars and grouts to be mixed to any desirable consistency
•    Typically 3-4 times stronger than typical concrete
•    Australian Made
•    Convenient mix ratio-  (2 parts Resin- 1 part Hardener