Epigrout S Fluid Epoxy Grout

High Performance, High Strength, Fluid Epoxy Grout.
Epigrout S is a two component, high performance, pre filled epoxy grout , suitable for use as a pourable or fluid grouting material. Aftek F4 and F6 fillers may be added to produce a trowellable high build mortar or a pourable flowable grout.


•    Suitable for use on damp substrates
•    Grouting heavy duty supports beneath crane and transporter rails
•    Anchoring bolts, bars and fixings
•    Bonding new to old concrete
•    Adhesive promoter
•    Filling in holes, cavities
•    Repairing cracks in horizontal surfaces
•    Grouting off column bases
•    As a high strength repair mortar when mixed with Patchfix Filler
•    As a protective coating for concrete and steel structures
•    Reinforcement bar primer
•    Corrosion protection on steel reinforcement prior to application of concrete repair mortar
•    Grouting from 5mm to 120mm in a single application


•    High flow properties
•    Bonds to damp substrates
•    Rapid hardening and strength gain
•    High chemical resistance
•    Pre-measured kits make for ease of use
•    High tensile and compressive strength
•    100% solid epoxy
•    Excellent adhesion to most substrates
•    Cures at temperatures down to 5oC
•    Negligible shrinkage
•    High mechanical strength
•    Solvent free
•    High early strength