Project Profile: Gold Coast Residential Home Refurbishment with MS Timber Flooring Adhesive


Another flooring success featuring MS Timber Flooring Adhesive!


When it comes to flooring, the right adhesive can make all the difference. Flooring is perhaps the most used surface in a home (or any building!) and therefore needs to withstand heavy traffic, without the surface becoming dislodged or unstuck from the substrate. MS Timber Flooring Adhesive is a perfect flooring adhesive solution thanks to its permanently flexible nature, meaning that substrate movement won’t affect the bond it creates.


MS Timber Flooring Adhesive has earned its place as a staple in the industry, demonstrating its ease of use and strong bonding capacities in various projects. Let’s dive into this particular project that showcases how MS Timber Flooring Adhesive was used to transform this residential house on the Gold Coast.


Our project took us to a residential house in need of a makeover to bring it up to date. The client wanted to transform the home with the timeless look of timber flooring and chose engineered timber due to both ease of access and the lower cost. The contractor in charge of the project had extensive experience when it came to successful flooring installations and knew MS Timber Flooring Adhesive would be the go-to solution for this project. This reliable adhesive had been extensively used in similar applications, and its track record spoke for itself.


As with all builds, there were some challenges to overcome. In this case the project involved both concrete & timber substrates, so it required an adhesive that could seamlessly bond the two surfaces. As MS Timber Flooring adhesive can bond to both timber and concrete, this eliminated the need for multiple adhesives and simplified the installation process. The installers also required an adhesive that was safe to use, with low VOC content.


The low VOC formulation of the adhesive is truly one of MS Timber Flooring Adhesives best qualities. Safety and air quality should be top priorities in any construction project, and MS Timber Flooring Adhesive makes it easy to work within a better environment. It’s low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formula means you can breathe easy while working with it. No more headaches from overpowering fumes! This adhesive keeps the air fresh and clean, making it a responsible choice for builders and contractors, the environment, and the end user.

This sentiment was echoed by the contractor in charge of the project:

“The low VOC formula made a significant difference in the comfort of the home during the installation process. No unpleasant smells or irritations while placing the timber flooring into the wet film of adhesive, just a smooth and worry-free experience.”


MS Timber Flooring Adhesive is also Green Tag certified. Global Green Tag are the most independently certified, standards compliant certification in the market which means that products that are certified with Green Tag help you to make your build more environmentally friendly.


One of the major advantages to using products that are Green Tag certified in your build is that you are assisting yourself to achieve the Nationwide House Energy Rating (NatHER) which is a star rating that ranges from 0 to 10 and measures how energy efficient a house is based on its design. Additionally, having a high natHER is great for builders as currently (since 2013) new home and apartment builds must receive a minimum of a 6-star rating within the system. From May 2024 this will be changing so that new homes require 7-star under the system.

Builders and contractors who’ve used MS Timber Flooring Adhesive always comment that they love how easy it is to work with, noting its smooth application and ability to maintain its peaks. This project was no different! While trowelling the product out the contractor commented on the ease of use, stating that MS Timber Flooring Adhesive was very “easy to towel, and held it’s peaks after being towelled out”.


By the end of a project, it’s always a bonus if the clean-up process can be simple and quick – MS Timber Flooring Adhesive wipes away effortlessly from tools and hands, thanks to RLA Handy Wipes that the contractor used on site. It’s the little things that make a big difference!


Overall the contractor in charge of the project was extremely satisfied by the end result, and with the use of MS Timber Flooring Adhesive, stating: “We couldn’t be happier with the bond achieved by MS Timber Flooring Adhesive. The floors feel extremely solid, and we know that the strong bond will stand the test of time. Thanks to MS Timber Flooring Adhesive, our project stayed on track and within budget. Its versatility saved us time and money, without compromising on quality.”

MS Timber Flooring Adhesive continues to shine as a project-transforming solution. With its proven track record, exceptional adhesion, low VOC formula, and versatile application, it delivers on all fronts. From residential houses to commercial spaces, this adhesive is the secret ingredient for successful flooring projects that exceed client expectations.


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