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Understand and reap the benefits of the Green Tag System

Whether you aim to establish a secure and health-conscious environment for a client family, showcase expertise in design, facilities management, or procurement leadership, or fulfill the requirements of a Green Star® rating tool, Global GreenTagCertTM stands as your comprehensive solution.As the exclusive third-party certification acknowledged by major green building, interiors, operations, and infrastructure rating tools, and the sole certifier encompassing all documentation needs, complemented by our ACCC Approval and Certification Mark status, GreenTag holds a distinctive position in the industry.

It furnishes the necessary proof for diverse aspects such as current rating tools, green design, procurement, facilities management projects, and specifier requirements.Internationally recognized for its certifications in building, interiors, room amenity, and various consumables, including cleaning, hygiene, and amenities products, GreenTag serves as a trusted authority in the field.

  • Green Mark® International– Singapore BCA’s international tool incl Malaysia and countries as below
  • MyHIJAU – Malaysian Government’s Green Technology Corporation
  • EarthCheck® – 0ver 70 countries
  • Green Star NZ® & Home Star® New Zealand
  • Green Star SA® South Africa
Compliant with credits for:
  • LEED v4.0 – USA, Australia, India, China & 140 other countries
  • BREEAM International – UK and more than 40 other countries

Recognised In Australia for all projects and all construction, interior, green cleaning and consumable products as relevant within the following rating tools

  • Green Star® ‘Design & As Built’ (base building & integrated fitout, e.g. hospitals, schools, universities etc.)
  • Green Star® ‘Interiors’ (tenancy fitouts including commercial offices and retail)
  • Green Star® ‘Performance’ (existing building facilities management and refurbishment)
  • EnviroDevelopment™ (communities, seniors & aged care, multi-unit, mixed-use, retail, education)
  • EarthCheck® (hospitality, tourism, airports, conferences and exhibitions)
  • Infrastructure Sustainability (infrastructure, associated buildings and interiors)

The extensive recognition and relevance of GreenTag significantly streamline your responsibilities by simplifying product research, minimizing risks, and offering a centralized access point for all documentation requirements.

What is Global Green Tag?

“The GBCA recognises the importance of independent, well-governed third party certification schemes ‎such as Global Green Tag to verify best practice, improve procurement processes and contribute to green fitout, building and community ratings and sustainable places for everyone. GreenTag GreenRate is already recognised within the Green Star rating tools and industry collaboration with GBCs and third party certifiers can help to reduce environmental impacts across the Asia Pacific.”

Romilly Madew, Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council of Australia

How Will You Use Green Tag?

Green Consumers

Products certified by Global GreenTag meet the most rigorous global standards, safeguarding not only your health and safety but also minimizing your environmental footprint on our finite planet. This certification empowers you to take control of your choices.

Green Professionals

Products certified by Global GreenTag adhere to the world's most stringent standards for health, eco-performance, and safety. Acknowledged by prominent green rating schemes, GreenTag serves as your comprehensive certification solution for substantiating product selections.

Our Green Tag Products

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