Floor Levelling

This project was no small feat, requiring levelling for a popular Queensland nightclub. As can be imagined the floor of a nightclub endures heavy foot traffic, and the floor required significant work to level the surface to enable a flat and even finish for future floor coverings to be laid down. The area was required to be levelled up to 70mm thick.

Access to the site was tricky due to the location of the building and the materials required. However, the RLA Richlands QLD warehouse team provided their expertise by co-ordinating with a transport company to ensure delivery of materials to the site was as early as possible on Monday morning so the job could get started as soon as possible, avoiding any extra time out of business for the establishment. Additionally, the team provided a truck with a crane to unload the pallets of stock to site due to the access constraints.

A full system specification of RLA products was used by the  specialist team of contractors for this application, and the contractor involved had previously used our full system of products for floor levelling while working on a previous project that RLA had assisted with, hence being very familiar with the system of products. With the full system of products for the levelling job being supplied by RLA the project was easily completed with no competing sets of specifications having to be managed.

The materials included RLA Universal Primer, TruLevel BulkFill UT Self Levelling Compound, and TruLevel EconoPro Plus Self Levelling Compound. This complete system of RLA flooring products were combined to ensure the project was completed, quickly, efficiently & within their desired timeframe.












The contractor in charge of the job was once again extremely happy with the products within the RLA floor levelling range, noting that RLA products “once again performed to expectation”. He also praised the service by the RLA logistics team, commenting on their great service and seamless delivery of stock – “Great service by RLA’s logistics team to ensure stock was delivered on-site first thing in the morning via a truck with a crane to unload”.

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Universal Primer


TruLevel EconoPro Plus

Trulevel BulkFill UT Self Levelling Compound

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