Simply Reveal Gel Surface Revealing Agent

Simply Reveal Gel is used for retarding the set of the cement paste on the surface of concrete. This allows the retarded paste to be removed and reveal the aggregate within the mix. Suitable applications include exposing aggregate on vertical kicker joints for improved adhesion of new concrete, improved drainage and skid resistance, and an attractive, decorative finish. Simply Reveal Gel is supplied ready to use. The application to the surface of freshly placed concrete produces a retarded surface layer which can be easily removed when the concrete has firmed. The ease of application makes it simple to apply an even coat to the concrete surface.



  • For use in vertical applications.
  • Economical means of exposing aggregate
  • Eliminates need for mechanical preparation for new to old bonding.
  • Ready to use straight from the drum.
  • Improved skid resistance over plain concrete.
  • Water based and user friendly