PU95 Polyurethane Primer & Green Slab Sealer

RLA PU 95 is moisture curing Polyurethane Primer and Green Slab Sealer/ Vapour Barrier for cement-based substrates that are not subject to rising damp, or hydrostatic pressure. It can withstand a relative humidity moisture content up to 95% RH (ASTM F2170 as per AS1884- 2012) It is a one component polyurethane Primer/ Green Slab Sealer that hardens and cures
with the humidity present in the air and the substrate. It does not contain solvents, is low odour and non-flammable. RLA PU 95 is not a Moisture Barrier and not guaranteed against Hydrostatic Pressure or Rising Damp. While moisture testing may indicate acceptable moisture ranges for application of RLA PU 95, it may not indicate whether Hydrostatic Pressure is present. If Hydrostatic Pressure is evident or a moisture barrier is required we recommend the use of RL20 Commercial MB Moisture Barrier.



• One component

• Solvent Free

• Moisture curing

• Excellent adhesion to most substrates including freshly laid green concrete.


RLA PU 95 can be applied onto concrete substrates as a Polyurethane Primer and Green Slab Sealer Vapour Barrier. It rapidly cures to a tack free film allowing the subsequent application of coverings approximately 2-3 hours after initial application prior the application of RLA Levelling compounds, Primers, and adhesives.