Holdfast 473 Sprayable Contact Adhesive

Holdfast 473 Sprayable Contact has been formulated to meet varied needs for laminate fabrication. This adhesive gives fast drying time, and a strong heat resistant and a water resistant bond. Holdfast 473 is a high performance sprayable contact adhesive that displays excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. 473 is noted for its high initial tack and strong bond formation. This quality product has excellent spreading and wetting characteristics that provide ease of application and good coverage on both porous and non porous materials.

• Highly flammable
• Solvent based
• Strong final bond
• Versatile adhesion
• Heat, moisture and oil resistance
• Quick drying
• Easy to apply
• Good aging properties
• Coverage: approx. 5m2/ltr
• Dry time: 3-5 minutes
• Coverage; 5-7m²/ltr
• Available in; 20ltr drums