Epigrout LV Crack Injection Grout

Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin Crack Injection Grout.
Epigrout LV is a Low viscosity epoxy grout based on specially selected epoxy resins and hardeners to produce a highly fluid grout for injection in to cracks in masonry and concrete.


•    Ideal for grouting small gaps between a base plate and substrate which need filling
•    Where chemical spillage may be encountered, such as steelworks, refineries, electroplating works and chemical plants
•    Typical applications may also include reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, heavy crane/transporter rails, centrifuges and drop forges


•    High compressive strength
•    High tensile and flexural strength
•    Fast installation and high early strength gain
•    Withstands a wide range of chemicals
•    Non-shrink ensuring a strong surface contact bond
•    Low creep characteristics under sustained loading